Male Wood Duck perched on a Bald Cypress branch
near the nest box of his mate.

Great news in our neighboring state of Arkansas, the Ivory-Billed woodpecker
thought extinct for many years has been sited in the Cache River and White River
National Wildlife refuge. Another reason to keep the Louisiana wetlands alive and healthy.

The seafood bounty from the Louisiana coast depends on a healthy marsh.

This is one of the seventy pairs of Bald Eagles that nest in Terrebonne Parish, LA.  They come back in November, repair their nest, raise their young and leave in April.  Most pairs come back to the same nest they used the year before.

Sunset light over subsiding marsh at Catfish Lake, west of Golden Meadow.  Compare this image to last week's image of a healthy marsh below.

Myron Matherine's family relaxes at their camp in the Atchafalaya Basin as oil field worker, Johnny, visits while a bass fisherman fishes in the background.

The Mississippi River, once important in building the Louisiana coast with its sediment, now is a challenge to adventurers such as the boys and counselors from the Bald Eagle Boys Camp. They rafted from St. Louis to New Orleans over the last two months.

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