Hurricane Ivan did its worst damage at Pensacola Beach, Florida.  With Jeanne coming they stand to take another beating.  If the same storms had hit Louisiana, the marsh as well as New Orleans would probably be gone or at least under many feet of water.

Sue returning to the Wetland Wanderer after picking up Marshmission artist, Rhea Gary, and Morning Advocate newspaper reporter, George Morris, in the bateau. George came to interview the Marshmission team.

"Marsh Memory" by Rhea Gary

Hurricane Ivan is threatening the fragile vanishing marsh of Louisiana and the citizens that live nearby. Every acre that sinks away makes hurricanes more dangerous as they approach our coast. This scene is from Hurricane Elena which bounced around from Florida to Louisiana in 1985.

A Live Oak barely hangs on at the edge of Lake Salvador. Erosion and subsidence is killing this tree, both major problems in Louisiana's vanishing marsh.


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