Trinity Island, a barrier island, is retreating 30-40 feet per year due to erosion.
Last Island , Louisiana


Vegetated sand dunes are the backbone of a barrier island. This sand fence is helping to build dunes on Trinity Island, Lousiana.


Brown Pelicans fly over Queen Bess Island at sunset. This island is an important nesting area near Grand Isle, Louisiana.


A shrimp boat named "Miss Andrea" with butterfly nets out is shrimping in Barataria Pass near Grand Isle, Louisiana.


Tri-colored Heron near her nest on the Rabbit Island Rookery.


Sunset over Wax Lake in the Calcasieu Parish marsh.

A coastal restoration project in Calcasieu Parish, the long thin islands were made to help reduce turbidity in the open water.  They are called terraces.  They will help new marsh grasses grow.


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