Fragrant water lillies cover the leveed Lacassine Pool as far as the eye can see.

This beach on Chenier au Tigre barrier island used to extend over 100 feet out, but has since eroded away taking the life of this once magnificent Live Oak tree with it.


A healthy brackish marsh near Avery Island, Louisiana.


A Purple Gallinule, seen here wading through marsh grass, is one of the most vivid and colorful  waterfowl in the wetlands of Louisiana.


Accreting marsh in Wax Lake Delta glows in the setting sun light, one of the areas of positive land growth.


A sunset over the Wetland Wanderer anchored in the Mermentau River near Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge in Cameron parish, Louisiana.


A female Redwing blackbird carries nesting material to her nest.  The coast of Louisiana is alive with birds raising their feathered families. This nest is located in the marsh above east Cote Blanche Bay.

Avery Island, a salt dome is an island in the marsh protruding 152 feet above the surrounding marshland. It is heavily forested with ancient live oaks such as this one at sunset dressed in Spanish moss.


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