The Marshmission Team sitting in front of the Wetland Wanderer on Avery Island while waiting for the winning school of the Marshmission essay contest, L.J. Alleman Elementary School of Lafayette, LA. The school won a trip to visit the Wetland Wanderer and Marshmission crew!
Seated from left: Rhea Gary, Sue Lockwood, Annie the Marsh Mutt, Megan Pearson, and CC Lockwood.


Spring is slowly changing to summer as a hot sun sets behind a giant blue iris, we are still seeing many flowers and new baby animals. The marsh is alive, but much is missing as twenty-four more square miles of productive wetlands have sunk since this time last year.

Camera man Mike Fernandez seen here filming Rhea was part of a three person CBS team that spent a few days working at the Wetland Wanderer in the wetlands of Terrebonne Parish, in Rhea's studio and at Audubon Elementary one of the schools following the project.

Josephine Boudreaux LaCoste is still going strong, eating crawfish with four generations of her family. She will be 95 in May. Mrs. Jo taught six grades of school on Bayou Chene, a bayou community south of Morgan City where most families lived on houseboats. The kids, six to twelve years old, rowed their skiffs to the one room school. Different from city schools, her kids went to class in the summer so they could move farther into the marsh during the winter to help their families trap for a living. Josephine also trapped with her husband Norman.


Great Egrets, Casmerodius albus, are on their nests in rookeries all over the Louisiana Wetlands. This one, showing its breeding plumage, is over Bayou Teche.

The ladies of Marshmission at the end of the Atchafalaya Basin Media Tour.

A Mona Monkey living on a houseboat in the Atchafalaya Basin near Duck Lake. You never know what you might see in the basin! A future journal in will have CC's story on meeting the monkey.

Three more seaplanes took off from the Orange Barrel Canal after this one carrying national journalists on a tour of the Atchafalaya and the Louisiana coast.  They visited the Marshmission team on the Wetland Wanderer earlier in the day.



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