The Atchafalaya is vibrant in color as the fresh lime green of spring shows its stuff,  this scene by a beaver lodge is on a small bayou north of Flat Lake.

Two stately Bald Cypress trees draped in Spanish Moss at the Western edge of Flat Lake. The signature tree of the Atchafalaya Basin.

Black Guidry of "A Cajun Man's Swamp Cruise" plays his guitar and sings Jambayalaya to his passengers after showing them alligators, nutria, and a bald eagle at her nest.  His tour leaves from Bayou Black Marina in Houma.  Swamp tours are part of a needed ecotourism industry in South Louisiana.

Looking out over the fresh water marsh of Terrebonne Parish you can see a lot of animals at the same time like a bald eagle, great blue heron, white ibis, boat-tailed grackle, black-necked stilt and nutria.  If you look closer you can see many more like this snail that was at my feet while watching the above mentioned critters.


A foggy sunrise over a moss draped bald cyress tree on the Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.

CC Lockwood and Rhea Gary at work on their photographs and paintings from the roof of the Wetland Wanderer.

Wire grass (Spartina patens) salt marsh near Highway One in Leeville.

Under a layer of fog thick as soup, the Wetland Wanderer waits patiently to leave the Leeville marsh and venture toward its next destination, the Terrebonne Parish marsh.

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