Home page photographs and captions from past editions. All are (c) CC Lockwood

Extirpated in 1960, the brown pelican has made a
tremendous comeback in Louisiana.


Governor Foster, CC Lockwood, and Sid Richard aboard the Wetland Wanderer.


The wire grass marsh seen here, south of Lafitte, LA
is in danger of coastal erosion.

The Bald Cypress trees lining the banks of Grand River are dressed in their christmas best as winter comes to the Atchafalaya Basin.


Sunset on Lake Pontchartrain.


A waning full moon over the Ohio River.


Nestled in a bend of the Ohio River at Brandenberg, Kentucky,
the Wetland Wanderer sits peacefully anchored to shore.


CC and Sue Lockwood on the Ohio River across from Louisville, KY at the beginning of the Wetland Wanderer's maiden voyage. The Ohio River rose 15 feet in the next five days making the first ten days of the journey quite an adventure.


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